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£ 20
Fr 44
$ 29
$ 52
$ 32
Special Prices*
Special Prices*


The rates are from 1 day rental to 7 days for a Group A car

(For example: the Netherlands - Kia Picanto)

The prices include: unlimited km, cancellation of deductible cover, port tax, local VAT.

Rent a car without cancellation fees - for payers until 30/06/2020, provided that the customer advises cancellation of the transaction 24 hours* before the pickup date stated in the voucher.

* Scandinavian countries - 72 hours.


Special Offers
Special Offers


Germany :

Avis offers Porsche cars for rent at selected stations

For more details please click here or call our Call Center *2722


 Italy :

A selection of luxury vehicles at your disposal - 

Maserati Ghibli, Audi A8, Mercedes C Class Cabrio - just to name a few

For details and / or to place an order click here



"All Included" plan
"All Included" plan

Exclusive and special at Avis: A car rental program that includes deductible insurance in major European countries: "Everything includes everything". The plan offers the customer one final price, which includes all the components of the expenses involved in car rental abroad (coverages, taxes, etc.), expenses that customers are not always aware of, and they surprise them at the time of payment. In addition, the plan includes "zero deductible" - cancellation of deductible payment in case of damage to the rented vehicle. 
The biggest advantage of the plan, beyond the transparency of the customer, is the cancellation of the deductible, Avis is the first and only rental company that does not charge its customers as part of the plan to pay the deductible in case of damage or theft. Regularly, car renters are required to pay a deductible and submit a refund request upon their return to Israel. These amounts of money can lead the customer to maximize his credit card and destroy his vacation. The price list is valid in the 12 main European countries, where more than 80% of Israelis travel on vacation in Europe, including: Italy, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and more. Program prices include: unlimited mileage, coverage, VAT, local taxes, road tax, and exemption from deductible in the event of an accident or damage to a vehicle.

Each order must be confirmed by our Avis call center by mail or telephone. For inquiries, please contact the booking coordinator at *2722 or 1-700-700-2222

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