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Car rental services abroad

One of the best ways to experience remote destinations, with all their beautiful landscapes and rich culture, is to hit the road, just like locals. The experience of driving through a country in a car, getting to know all the hidden spots and secret gems, is something you’ll never be able to do in a group trip or by public transport. Renting a car abroad gives you freedom – the freedom to decide your own itinerary, experience the place you want to see for as long as you like, and end your trip at the time and place that’s convenient to you!

Rent a car abroad with Avis

When choosing a car rental service abroad, it is always best to choose a renowned international company that can provide assurance, service and support both in the booking process and later in case of need. Avis provides a highly professional service in Hebrew or English, unique offers and of course a large variety of vehicles that allows you to decide whether you want to enjoy your trip in an SUV, a luxurious sports car or a comfortable family car.

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