Avis car services in Israel include

  • Car rental and hire from Ben Gurion airport and cities in Israel and worldwide.
  • Operational and financial leasing for corporate and private customers.
  • Second hand car sales from the Avis leasing and rental fleet.
  • Chauffeur Drive from Ben Gurion airport and cities in Israel.

We offer professional, reliable, high quality car services for corporate and private customers 
Our everyday challenge is to show you that We Try Harder to meet your needs.

Avis has established its Israel car rental activities in the early 1960's. Since 1986 Avis has been operated by a licensee, Dan Vehicle and Transportation D.R.T Ltd.
Currently the licensee of Avis in Israel is U.T.S (Universal Transportation Solutions) Ltd.

Milestone facts about Avis

  • In 1993 Avis Israel became a public company and has been traded at TASE Tel Aviv stock exchange since.
  • In the early 1990's Avis began to operate in the field of operational and financial leasing in Israel.
  • In 1998 Avis was the first rent-a-car company in Israel to receive ISO-9001-2000 standard.
  • In 1999 Avis Israel won the licensee of the year award, from Avis international.
  • In 2004, 2007 and 2010 Avis Israel won a special award for outstanding car rental achievements, for its Israel car rental and hire activity.
  • In 2007, Avis was nominated World's Leading Business Car Rental Company by World Travel Awards.

Avis Israel fleet includes over 30,000 vehicles (December 2018)

Israel Rental Fleet

Avis offers its' rental customers a wide variety of newly updated and carefully maintained vehicles ranging from the best car manufacturers. 

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Short term Rentals

Avis caters to both tourists and local residents alike, with a wide range of newly updated private and commercial vehicles from recent years for rentals of up to one year. Avis has 13 rental offices spread throughout the country, from Nahariya to Eilat. Our Ben Gurion Airport rental office is opened 24/7. Avis operates a centralized phone reservation center (+972-3-6170000), as well as an internet site (www.avis.co.il) and a facebook page (www.facebook.com/Avis.Israel) where all necessary company information and online services for both local and abroad rentals are available.

  • Avis uses updated state-of-the-art technologies which are connected on-line to our international Avis operations and to 30,000 terminals worldwide.
  • Avis operates a 24/7 rentals emergency center.
  • Avis offers throughout its' offices VIP service for valuated Avis Preferred customers.
  • Avis has a unique wireless system enabling the customer to return the rental car within 60 seconds. This is operational only at Ben Gurion Airport.
  • Avis offers "Quickie" weekend rentals, for short (Friday-Saturday) and long (Thursday-Friday-Saturday) weekend rentals.

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Overseas Rentals

Avis is the leading car rental company in the world, with 5200 rental offices in 165 countries worldwide, an updated car rental fleet, representatives in all major international airports, satellite navigation systems and more.
Our Israeli customer benefits from a wide range of international car rental possibilities: Avis internet site (www.avis.co.il), a centralized phone reservation center (+972-3-6170000) and via any travel agent. Returning customers can enjoy benefits via our "Avis Preferred" club, offering VIP service, discounts and car upgrades worldwide.
The Geocartography institute surveyed and found that Avis is the most reliable and cost-saving overseas car rental company.

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Private Leasing

Avis offers its' customers a wide array of solutions concerning cars, one of them being the ability to purchase a car via Private Leasing, which is a rapidly growing trend in Israel. The benefits of Private Leasing with Avis are:

  • Low monthly installments
  • Low attractive interest.
  • Car maintenance package at authorized garages.
  • Commission free.
  • No third-party involvement – the deal is directly between the customer and Avis.
  • List price guarantee for the car at end of Leasing period.
  • And more …

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Operational Leasing

Avis offers its' customers, especially from within the business sector, long term rentals for a monthly repayment. In exchange the customer receives a service package which comprises of, in addition to a newly updated car, all insurances, test permits, accident/theft coverage, road services and replacement car services.

Avis services its' cars in strict compliance to manufacturers instructions.

To date, over 2000 corporate customers chose Avis' Operational Leasing services. To name a few : Google, Microsoft, Siemens, Teva, NICE, Cisco, HP, Netvision, Texas Instruments, and many more. High level of service, no compromising on car safety issues and fair pricing allures more and more customers to Avis.

A research made by the Brandstorm company put Avis in first place, not only by Avis customers but as well as its competitors customers, for reliability, high service level and peace of mind.

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First hand car sale

Avis offers a wide variety of first-hand cars for sale, from its' leasing and rentals car fleet. Avis operates 31 point-of-sales centers throughout Israel, along with an internet site (www.avis.co.il) where the customer can choose cars according to his/her preference (manufacturer, model, year, price etc;) along with the cars pictures.

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